Mother, leader, entrepreneur and author, Tani Leeper, shares her personal journey of finding hope and healing. After suffering multiple losses, over a span of five years, she struggled trying to find peace. How would she make sense of her new normal? Tani’s journey took her from feeling broken, ashamed, and confused to being empowered to share her story. Contributing author, John Leeper, shares the Dad’s views on loss while supporting his wife in living their new normal. With the purpose of bringing comfort and hope to others, this easy to read inspirational book will bring insight on what they have come to know on the other side of loss. 


Together they lead the In Loving Arms Support Group, whose primary goal is to walk alongside moms and dads as they work through the pain of losing a baby to receiving the ultimate gift of peace that always awaits them. Through their work they’ve compiled a collection of letters written by angel moms, angel dads, angel grandmothers, and siblings showing the deep bond with the baby gone too soon. In addition to In Loving Arms Support Group, they are spear heading the exciting launch of their nonprofit organization, Jake’s Journey.  Amongst many services, Jake’s Journey will provide assistance with funeral expenses to parents impacted by pregnancy or neonatal loss.

Dear Baby – Our Angel We Lost, Love and Honor Forever will be back from the publishers in October, and will sell for $19.95 (plus tax and shipping). However, during this pre-release offer, you can purchase your copy for $14.95 (plus tax and shipping) USA wide. For international purchases, please contact us. 

• Have you suffered a loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss? 


• Are you struggling to come to terms with your “new normal”? 


• Do you feel hopeless, angry, or confused?


• Do you feel you are alone? 


There are times in your life when things do not go as planned. Losing a baby, through miscarriage, stillbirth, or shortly after birth, is one of those unfortunate realities one is never prepared to face. Regardless of which stage you lost your baby, 4 weeks in the womb or 4 weeks outside the womb, the pain left behind is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Sadly there is a stigma that says you shouldn’t mourn a life gone too soon. There is an unspoken expectation for you to just forget about it and move on.  


​In Loving Arms?

Losing a baby leaves behind a pain that is often hard for others to understand.  If your pregnancy loss or neonatal loss has left you feeling hopeless, angry, or confused, you are not alone.


In Loving Arms is a six-week support group that helps hurting moms and dads come together to find comfort and healing.


We will explore tough questions and hear the testimonies of moms and dads who have found healing after their loss.


Join us for our next 6 week session starting Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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