Defining "pro-choice"

About 2 months ago, my son, Blake, was assigned to give a persuasive speech in his 8thgrade English class. He chose the topic of “pro-life” because he thought that would be an easy one. You see, he has grown up in a home where life has always been valued. Where every pregnant couple he has ever known, has been overjoyed by the gift of life that lies within them. Not to mention, the fact that I, his mom, was currently 13 weeks pregnant and our whole family was ecstatic about it.


Now, that he is in Middle School, he is confronted with views that differ from the ones my husband and I have tried to instill. So, when he read his speech to me, I was a bit disappointed to hear how “safe” it sounded. He gave facts and statistics about fetal development and abortion, but nothing profound that would cause anyone to re-think their own view. It was a fast read, informative speech at best. No one would truly feel persuaded by a speech that lacked emotion nor attach themselves to a life that hardly seemed real.


Blake then shared with me that some of his friends and classmates are “Pro-Choice” and they feel that it’s really unfair to say that a woman can’t choose what happens to her own body. He said he didn’t want to offend anyone with his speech.


I won’t forget the look on his face when I told him, “Actually, I’m pro-choice too.”


Looking into his wide eyes and open mouth, I continued, “I believe a guy and a girl have the CHOICE to have sex with one another. God then has the CHOICE whether or not he wants a life to be created. When a couple finds out that they are pregnant, they need to accept the fact that the CHOICES have already been made.”


With much contemplation, he nodded in agreement to my explaination. Although this topic seemed to be chosen by Blake at random – it was not random to God. I gave Blake the 10week old ultra-sound picture of our baby-in-the-making and said, “I’m sure your supposed to use this”.

To no surprise, Blake fought me on it. “Then I’m going to have to tell my whole class who that baby is and that my mom is pregnant.” I know he’s a teenager, but I also knew Blake wasn’t embarrassed about the pregnancy, he just hates having all the attention on him.


After attempting a persuasive speech of my own…which included thought provoking phrases like, …this really is not about YOU and no matter what, you’re going to be uncomfortable – you might as well be effective and uncomfortable. In the end, he finally agreed to give it a try when I suggested that passing around a picture might take up some of the 2 -4 minute time requirement. (After all, he is 14)


We practiced over and over until he felt somewhat confident. I even cropped out my identity from the ultra sound picture before printing it out for him. This way, his classmates might think he just googled it.

I told Blake during that week how proud I was of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and standing up for something he really believes. There just may be a girl in that class who finds herself in high school with a very difficult choice to make. Perhaps she’ll remember back on the picture of our baby and a life will be saved.


Still clinging onto his fear of public speaking, Blake never volunteered and finally was one of the last to be chosen at the end of the week. He got in the car after school and said, “It was amazing, one of the best in the class.” He even gave the baby’s picture credit for his forth coming “A”. He said that no one else had visuals and that the class was really taken by the photo and were amazed that they could see an actual baby.


One boy asked Blake if the ultra sound was of him as a fetus. “No”, Blake replied and then continued, “It’s the baby that is inside my mom right now.”

Little did we all know, that only a few short hours later, I would miscarry and this baby would no longer be. So, perhaps, this speech, and that picture, was our baby’s purpose. A moment in time to be used by God.

As sad as losing a baby can be, my family and I have a peace about this. Like I said, “I’m pro-choice too.” God has made the CHOICE to take our baby. I trust He has a reason for that. And some CHOICES we just need to accept.

The Best Place to Be





Meet Lexi.  I have the wonderful privilege of being her Sunday School Teacher during weekend services.

After hearing about my miscarriage, Lexi’s mom sat down with the rest of her family to pray for our family.

That same afternoon Lexi happened to have a commercial audition, and being only 4, she didn’t know to leave her faith at home.

Here is a note her mother sent me:    While waiting to be called into the audition, a women held a baby. Lexi goes up to her and says “my favorite teacher miss Kim had a baby, but now the baby is in Jesus’s arms not her tummy.”  

The dad of the baby looked at Lexi and said, “That’s the best place to be”.

 It was amazing!


No doubt! I’m not sure what I find more amazing; that little Lexi boldly spoke her faith in front of a room full of unsuspecting listeners, or that a grown man openly and genuinely validated her message for all to hear.

Having been in many-an-audition-room myself, I take great delight in picturing this scenario…  Tired parents fill the room, waiting with equally adorable children, for a couple of unpredictable minutes in front of a casting director. They may be headed on the path to fame and fortune, but this is the far less glamorous part of the journey. Plenty of kids with cuteness and talent, but only one is needed to fill the role.  Sizing up the competition (some parents exercising less subtlety than others), but all wondering if this might be the role that finally “hits”.  When in reality, the only thing they are guaranteed to “hit” is a lot of traffic on the way home!


Sad, but true, I too am one of those moms who (far too often) sit on the 101 freeway at 5pm wondering if I just wasted 3 hours of my life.  Well, this day, Lexi’s mom is not wondering that at all.  This day, Lexi brought the assuredness of everlasting life into a crowded room of people, who are all there because they have faith in their child and hope for something that is merely temporal. How often have I sat in such a waiting area, needing to put faith and hope into proper prospective?

This just may have been the biggest role of Lexi’s career, and in my opinion;”she nailed it”!


Not to say that the word “Jesus” has never been spoken before in a Hollywood Casting Office, but probably not quite in this same way.  I imagine it has occasionally been thrown out during the heat of the moment.  Perhaps even at a great decibel.  But this day, the still small voice of a little girl with a heart for the Lord, was heard by all.

I would have never guessed that by simply sharing my story with a friend, God would then place it in the heart of one, with “a childlike faith”.  (Matthew 18: 3,4)  We, as adults, often lack such a portable-faith and become insecure when mentioning the name of Jesus as Christ, in an unlikely place with a captive audience.  But the beauty of little kids is that they rarely think too far past the moment, and therefore speak their heart and say whatever is on their minds.  I feel this trait is what gives them a tremendous amount of credibility.


Lexi’s mom ended her note to me by sharing:

When I had lost my last baby I didn’t have Christ in my life. I didn’t process it well cuz I had no understanding. Now I know how precious a life filled with Christ is. I listened to Lexi and she wasn’t distressed she very sincerely understood your baby was safe. Amazing. 13 weeks and look at how your child has effected this world!

Yours too my friend, yours too.

Grow where you’re planted


Have you ever had an idea in your head, that you were absolutely certain was God’s idea too?  Have you ever felt hurt and betrayed when you realized that your plan was not God’s plan at all.  Perhaps, God had something different planned completely, something that (quite honestly) you don’t have much interest in pursuing.  If so, I’m right there with you.  Well, at least I was. After taking a couple of hesitant steps onto some fresh soil, I am reminded that I am but a seed in His hand.


A beautiful Sunday morning in the brand new year of 2012.  I’m sitting with my family in our home church, Shepherd of the Hills in Porter Ranch.  Pastor Dudley is laying out the sermon series for the year, in order that the congregation may begin to prepare their hearts and minds for what God has in store for us.


Our Pastor asked us to pick a topic series that most interested us and then consider serving on a team that would head up the events of that weekend .  When he spoke of a weekend in May that would be entitled, Imagine if every Child had a Home, my ears perked up.  The service would be a celebration of life and would even include a live ultra sound done on the stage during each of the 5  services.  Seeing I was 12 weeks pregnant, I thought perhaps I would be the one to show all of Shepherd of the Hills Church the beautiful baby that God was knitting together within my womb.


Well, if you have read any of my previous posts, you already know that this was not God’s plan for me.  But at the time, I was certain it was. I quickly filled out my service card, indicating that this was indeed the weekend I felt lead to help out.

Less than a week later, I miscarried.  And the week after that, came an email from the church reminding me of my pledge to serve on the Imagine if every Child had a Homecommittee.  At this point, I had only shared my sad news with my family and the ladies from a Bible Study not associated with Shepherd of the Hills Church.  Whoever sent this reminder, of course, had no idea of what I had just gone through. I knew it was just a formality, but it was at that moment I realized my plan was not God’s plan at all.  He knew that the excitement I felt on Sunday, January 8th would be distinguished the moment I saw this email.  Why would God do that?  Seriously, my plan was way better than this one.


A few days later, yet another reminder came.  A training meeting was to be held that night, Jan. 23rd, for all those who had pledged to serve.  I pressed delete and headed over to Facebook for a much-needed distraction.  There, at the top of my News Feed was my friend, Christina Johnson, announcing that she was attending the “Imagine Meeting” at Shepherd of the Hills tonight. Some may call this irony or a strange coincidence. But right then I knew, He wanted me there anyway.


Fine, I’ll go.  I have no idea how I can be of use now, but I’m sure you’ll tell me when I get there. 

The hundred or so volunteers filled only a small section of our huge Worship Center. One of the Assistant Pastors announced, “We will now be splitting into 2 groups.  All those who want to work with Parenting and Young Families, please get up and come with us to the next room.  Those that stay here, will be dealing with the topic of Adoption and the Unborn.”


I’m not entirely sure why I stayed.  Here I sit with a degree in Child Developement. I was an Elementary School Teacher for ten years before Homeschooling my own 2 children. I volunteer every other week in the 4-year-old Sunday School room. My husband, Jon, and I even facilitated Parenting Classes at our last Church.  (Sorry about the laundry list, but clearly this is my passion.) Every logical bone in my body should be getting me up and moving me to the next room. The fact is: I love serving and helping families that are already established. Why am I not moving?


Perhaps it was the general numbness still circulating throughout my body after last weeks event.  Or, the somewhat pitiful feeling, that I am in no position to help anybody right now. Whatever it was I stayed firmly planted in my seat.


A few speakers came up from Adoption Agencies, explaining how their programs work.  I was familiar with what they had to say, from doing my own research a few years back.  Jon and I, at one point, had considered Fostering to Adopt… until the 3 families we knew personally, all eventually had to give their foster children back to the birth parents.  Although, it was very sad for our friends, those foster children did get to experience something very special: The love of family unity in a safe environment, while their parents were “getting their act together”.  Jon felt that none of us could deal with the heart-break of losing a child we believed would be ours.        Hmmm.      As I write this I’m realizing, the incredible irony of that last sentence… At any rate, one day I would love to adopt, but not until, as a family, we can embrace that decision together.


Next, a woman named, Debby, from The Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) came up.  She told of a story where a young girl came to PRC for a free pregnancy test.  The girl was heartbroken when the test came back positive.  Despite some counsel, she left the Center; abortion-minded.  A few weeks later she came back with her disbelieving boyfriend for a free ultra-sound.  She had already made an appointment at an Abortion Clinic, but the boyfriend wanted to see the “blob” to know if it was true or not.  During the ultra-sound the baby’s body was clearly visible and upon seeing a little hand and the perfect profile of the head, the boyfriend literally passed out.  Before leaving, the couple told the counselor at PRC, that she just saved their baby’s life.


I couldn’t help but think of the life saving possibilities that existed within that picture that I took of my baby (see Dear Baby post to view the amazing photo).  Many young couples are unaware and convinced their baby is only a “blob” or a “small mass of flesh”.  I have held evidence in my own hand that proves otherwise.


After the presentations were over I walked out of the Worship Center and bumped into Christina (who – unless she is reading this blog – has no idea God used her FB post to get me there).  Christina gave me a tender smile and a warm hug.  It was a powerful moment for me. It was as if the Lord, himself, was communicating:  I’m glad you came.


Feeling very much “hip to God’s new plan”, I walked over to the PRC information table.  I began to explain to Debby about my recent miscarriage and the amazing moment I was able to capture in a photograph.  All the while, she appears to be looking at me very strangely.  Before I could finish, Debby asks, “Did you write a letter to your baby?”

I couldn’t answer. I was so confused, how could she possibly have known that?  I nodded my head affirming her question.

With matching disbelief, she says, “Two different people have already forwarded me your letter and photo. It’s sitting in my inbox.”


I wasn’t sure whether to feel honored or betrayed. “Who?”,was my eventual response.

Debby said the name of one of their Board Members, who I recognized as the husband of one of the ladies from my bible study. The other name I had never heard before.  While I was still processing all this, she walked over to me from behind her table, and wrapped her arms around me.  Her only words were, “God wants to use this.”


Actually, I could have stayed home that night, and the Director of The Pregnancy Resource Center would still have my letter and baby’s photo on her computer, ready to be used. The seed had already been planted, so why did He want me to be there?


At that moment I realized:  He still has a plan for this life, and that plan will be fulfilled, with or without me.  People say that I am so brave and strong and willing to be honest. Truthfully, I am none of those things on my own.  Really, all I did was allow myself  to grow where God planted me.  And like all young seeds, growth happens over time.  The process of being split open and shedding that once protective layer, is not easy. Knowing, it will seem like forever, before the fruit from this little seed will appear. Roots,hidden from our eyes, must form first.  We don’t see them forming, but when growth takes off we are certain they exist.


That night, I asked Debby, how I could get involved with her program. ( I had already shed my protective layer and un-beknown to me, a root was beginning to take hold.) Now, 4 months later, I am finishing up my 6 week Volunteer Training Course at PRC.  Starting in June, I will begin counseling women who come to the Center with an unplanned pregnancy looking for help and guidance.  Surprisingly, I’ve learned that the main goal of PRC is not to save the lives of the unborn, but to save the lives of these confused girls and women. The bi-product, of that, is that their babies are saved as well.


This is not something I ever would have pursued on my own.  But yet, this is where I’ve been planted. I do still think that my original plan was good, but I’m starting to see how His plan can be even better.  Now watch me grow…


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